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Welcome to my collection drawer that is Celtic Skys. We all have a box or a drawer or a computer file, some place where we put stuff that we think is worth holding onto but tends to clutter up the place. It lies there, rarely looked at and unfortunately in time is forgotten and lost. Such clutter usually contains the true history of our lives and as time goes by, these items, photos, video’s written thoughts etc… become more precious, not just to you but your loved ones. Imagine the joy and interest if you found a box of keepsakes and photos that belonged to a deceased grandparent or great-grandparent. Knowing them them better is knowing ourselves better. This is the clutter of my life and that of my family and friends!

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Video File
In the video file I have tried to capture the life and times of my family and friends through the thousands of photos and video clips which too often lay forgotten in the bottom of presses or old hard drives to be cast away and lost to future generations.

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Photo File
Over the years, I have collected thousands of family photos. I have tried to group them into themed albums - It is a work in progress!

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Blog File
Every day life throws up maddening, funny, frustrating, outrageous, madcap situations and the grumpy old man in me finds it hard not to cast his biased opinion on the world - This file is a collection of my random thoughts!

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Moon File
The Moon has inspired us to imagine wondrous happenings, write fantasy tales, develop technologies to see it better, understand it better and indeed to travel to it. It is our constant companion, controlling the tides and brightening the night. For me, trying to capture the Moon is akin to capturing life itself! These are many attempts.

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Running File
For most of my life I have been a fairly sedentary animal. It was only in my late forties that I discovered the joys of running and it has become a major part of my life. Every race I run has it’s own challenges and rewards and they have become milestones in my own personal development - This is a simple record of those races.

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